Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Truth About Writing

Hello there. I'm writing today just to fulfil my writing schedule. As you can see what I'm going to write today is nothing I guess. This is just writing speed test. So I'm going to write for about 5 minutes. How many words it could be, I don't know, but I'm just writing.

For your info, if you are still new in writing, maybe you must feel that writing is the last thing you wanna do right? Some of you will think that you are not born as a writer. I too felt like that before. Now I can write whatever I wnat, anytime anywhere. This is the power if you know the skill.

Writing must have knowledge. Yes whatever thing you do must be followed by knowledge. How you can find knowledge? From reading, observation, experience and many more sources that you can find from. Knowledge is power.

Besides that, brain control must be taken care of. You must control your brain. How to control your brain? By doing practice. Practices make perfect. So you must practise everyday and control your brain not to be exausted. Your brain will follow whatever you want if you have the control to your brain.

That's all for today. Good day and Merry Christmas.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Today Is Sunday

Hi everybody.. The title today is "Today Is Sunday".

I pick this title is because.. ofcourse the day of today is Sunday. Normally I just stay at home, relax and hang around with my family. At the same time I review my work, do planning for next coming week.

I'm doing business. Some offline and some online. For sure i'm a buzy person. I don't have much time waste my time. Especially within this year where my schedule is very tight.

Next, I'll tell you what book that I'm mentioned before.

Until next time, good luck.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Today Is My First Post

Hi everybody. In you can find writing by me. Actually I'm writing whatever I want to write. I will write anything that came accross my head. This is actually the test of my writing skill, speed, idea and I want to make it fun. I hope you can find this interesting as possible because this is only the practice on how to write fast without any disturbance.

Everyday we eat, sleep, go to work (study or not going anywhere - housewife), go to school, go to shopping and we must go. This is life. We have must go forward not backward. Some people think that their life is static. This is wrong thoughts. We must build ourselves be to best of what we want to be in life. Change everything and change to the best as possible. No person in this planet want to live in poor, in disaster or in pain. We want to live happily. Happily ever. Right?

For the beginning of our life, when we got birth by our mom, we even don't remember that time. Do you remember? Surely not. We only remember starting from normally after 2 years old. Since we are getting older we forget what had happened. Sure. Because we face new things everyday and our brain is getting older and older. Nobody is perfect. The older the brain, the function is getting weak.

Alright. I have to go elsewhere. So I hope you enjoy my writing today. This writing is produced within 5 minutes. Thanks to the book I just read. This is really incredibe. Writing is fun. Yes fun.